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[caption id="attachment_923" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Dinghy Dock Pub - Nanaimo, BC on Protection Island"]Dinghy Dock Pub - Nanaimo, BC on Protection Island[/caption] In a city famous for unique pubs, it takes something a little bit extra to stand out. The Dinghy Dock Pub in Nanaimo certainly offers that so let’s take a look at this local hot spot. All right; technically the Dinghy Dock Pub is not in Nanaimo but is part of the community of Protection Island, a special place in its own right. There are no paved roads and not many permanent residents, and the Island can be seen from the Nanaimo Harbourfront and Seawall walkways. It is a mere five minute boat ride from downtown Nanaimo. Built in 1989, the restaurant is the first pub to be registered as a boat in Canadian history… and it took a lot of effort to get that designation! As with many pubs, it features a menu developed in house, with fresh seafood the specialty but with many other offerings as well. Unlike many pubs, there is a family section so everyone can enjoy the experience. To get to the pub, you will have to take some kind of vessel. Fortunately, for tourists in Nanaimo and backpackers who arrived on the Island by foot, you have a lot of options. When the pub was first built locals would row out in their dinghies and tie them to the pub itself, earning it the name “Dinghy Dock Pub”. Today, people can take a former BC Ferries lifeboat which is know as the Protection Island Foot Ferry and has a very regular schedule to and from the Dinghy Dock. Others come across by kayak, sailboat, canoe, row boat, power craft, and even dinghy to get to the pub. There are also rumoured plans to fire up an electric ferry to serve the needs of the pub’s clientele. Aside from great food and an unrivalled ambience, the pub offers live music on the weekends. Popular with locals and tourists, (including guests of the Painted Turtle Guesthouse), this floating pub definitely stands out even in the company of the many gems Central Vancouver Island and the Harbour City of Nanaimo, BC has to offer!