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2010_mascot-640x480Most people who are planning to view events in the 2010 Olympics are madly making arrangements to stay in Vancouver or the surrounding area. Those who do stay downtown will face incredible amounts of traffic and lineups, not to mention ridiculously inflated prices on everything from meals to bread and butter. So what is the alternative? Why not stay in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island instead? Not only is it a great place to stay, it will help you avoid all the inconveniences associated with a major world event. Since you will be located outside the 'hot zone' of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, the accommodations will be much less expensive, and you won't have to fight to find a place to eat. You can still come and go as you please, with the help of BC Ferries and local bus lines. As for getting into town to see the events, getting from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island couldn't be easier. Adult walk on passengers on BC Ferries only pay $13.50 each way, and the bus to downtown Vancouver is only a few dollars. Once you are downtown you have access to all the local events, as well as transportation by bus and skytrain to other events in the area. For those who are headed up to Whistler to enjoy some of the snow-bound activities, Pacific Coach Lines offers regular service from downtown Vancouver to Whistler. By the time the Olympics roll around next year local organizers will have scheduled regular bus service between all the major venues. No matter where you are going for your 2010 Olympics events you can get their easily while based out of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The Painted Turtle Guesthouse is welcoming guests from around the world to Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island in February and March 2010 for the Olympic Games. With dorm rates starting at less than $30 per person and a family room for 4 at under $90, there will be plenty of money left over in the budget to explore British Columbia!