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"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful." (Agnes De Mille) salsa1Every Thursday "The Rendez Vous Lounge" introduces all enthusiastic dance lovers for a great evening of Salsa dancing. As I have done ballroom dancing in Germany for a long time I decided to try the Salsa lesson and dancing here in Nanaimo as well. salsa3Fortunately I found three guests from the Painted Turtle Guesthouse who wanted to join me and so we went to the near "Rendez Vous Lounge". As we all were totally novice in Salsa dancing we were very excited how it's going to be. At 8.30 pm we arrived just in time to start with the Salsa lesson. First the teacher told us that we need some basic vocabulary to get the Salsa dancing started. So we began to learn the two Salsa basic steps: "the side-to-side" and the "back-forward-step".  After getting to know the basics we started to try a new dance variation: turns, moving around each other and break steps were included and we all enjoyed it so much! In the end we practiced the whole dancing figures with Salsa music and stayed for another two hours exercising the steps, switching partners and having fun by dancing the Salsa. So all in all my favorite quotation was proved another time: "There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of the."  (Vicki Baum) salsa4I can really recommend the Salsa night to everyone who likes to dance, likes to have a good time and to meet interesting people. Maybe we meet up at "The Rendez Vous Lounge" next Thursday?!