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From: ANewsVanIsland | October 05, 2010
Local Travel Writer Produces Vancouver Island Visitor Guide for I-Phone
NANAIMO - Whether you are visiting Vancouver Island or you're lucky enough to live here you know there is no shortage of things to do.
There's so much it can be hard to decide, but now - there's an "app" for that.
"App" is short for "application" - tech-talk for a piece of software that can be downloaded to an I-Phone or an I-Pod touch.
A mid-island travel writer has come up with an "app" that helps visitors and locals get the most out of exploring the island.
The Vancouver Island Exploration Guide is like a portable, interactive travel guide that fits in your pocket. Filters allow you to sort by type of activity, region, cost or distance. Because it uses I-Phone technology, a GPS works out where you are and what's around you.
Moore wrote the content - she left the design of the app to a well known app publisher.
The relatively new technology is changing the way the tourism industry markets itself and savvy users explore regions.
Since launching the app two weeks ago, Moore says she has already sold the software in 9 different countries