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ptgsmbimageWhoooooah girl! I went to Social Media Bootcamp in Victoria, BC earlier this week and it has me brimming with energy.  You can now talk to me about hash tags, checking-in, Mayorships, tweetups, Foursquare, Yelp, Scott Stratten, augmented reality and manufactured serendipity...and I would know what you're talking about.  I also have 10 solid fabulous ideas on how to effectively use social media to 'engage' with customers of the Painted Turtle Guesthouse.   It truly was a conference full of both big picture ideas and practical applications for business.  I jotted down what I took away from this supercharged event, so keep reading and click to download my notes. So, WOW - thanks to Paul Holmes (ideazone.ca) and Chris Burdge (bWEST.ca) for throwing probably the single most effective one-day conference I have ever attended. Below, please download the PDF that includes my personal notes from the lectures I attended - they are certainly not representative of ALL the information per session, but glean from them what you can. And, if any of the other 449 attendees are reading this blog, please, please provide any feedback on other concurrent lectures you may have attended including:
  • The Interest Graph Will Cull the Herd
  • Breakfast at Twittany's: Social Media Strategies to Start Your Day
  • Klout: Influence is More than Skin Deep
  • Digital Moms: From Content, Campaigns to Commerce
  • Power Tuning Campaigns with Hootsuite
  • The Future of Media
Click here to download my Social Media Bootcamp notes