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[caption id="attachment_1060" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Little Lachlan with Anna & Kat"]Kat, Anna & Lachlan[/caption] It was Sunday the 9th of October 2010. Two days after Anna’s arrival from Germany, Bruce (owner at Painted Turtle Guesthouse here in Nanaimo) suggested taking us on a trip to Goldstream Provincial Park where you can see salmons (if you are lucky!). Everybody jumped into the car and we hit the road. It took us about an hour to get there, but the journey itself was already fun: we gazed at the typical Canadian forest and heard some interesting facts about the history of Nanaimo.

As we arrived at the park the giant trees overwhelmed us. And we were very excited about seeing salmons running in the river. After all, we have never seen the salmons leaping in reality! So, we went for a little walk trough the park alongside the river and finally, arrived at a viewpoint where you could glance at the landscape for miles. There we stood; waiting and waiting but salmons did not appear at all. We guess, they heard that we were coming…

[caption id="attachment_1061" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Goldstream Park in fall.... Spectacular!"]Goldstream Park in fall.... Spectacular![/caption] Finally, we decided to return to the car, as suddenly a strong wind started to blow in Goldstream Park and leafs began to fall off the trees. It looked awesome! Although we did not spot any salmons, the park is worth the day trip.

The next morning Bruce told us that one of his friends had said that the salmons had run in Bowen Park the day before! Therefore,  the two of us decided to go there for a little walk hoping to catch a glimpse of the salmons. Unfortunately, we had no luck either: the riverbed was almost empty.

So far, we went there for another two times, but we did not see salmons at all.  Seems like salmons don’t like Germans!