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Twitter users, tell us your favourite #NanaimoBarTrail experiences!  Facebook users, Like the Painted Turtle Guesthouse & post your photo indulging in a Nanaimo Bar...where ever you are around the world! So you’ve come to Nanaimo and you’re determined to sample the dessert of the same name. Now, you may think Nanaimo bars are limited to a simple three layer dessert, made of a chocolatey coconut cookie NanaimoBarTrailbase, custard centre and chocolate topping, but in Nanaimo you have numerous varieties to choose from, and all easily accessible by foot from the Painted Turtle Guesthouse! For those interested in experiencing the classic Nanaimo bar Commercial Street coffee shops such as Serious Coffee and Perkins Coffee will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Looking for a more gourmet take on the original? Try the Nanaimo Bar offered at Mon Petit Choux, where their Nanaimo Bars are organic and made of fresh and natural ingredients all put together with their signature French approach, making for a less sweet, but wildly delicious treat! Maybe you have dietary restrictions, but would still like to test out the famous Nanaimo bar.  Tea Leaf Specialty Teas & Cafe has a gluten free, vegan Nanaimo bar so everyone can induldge in this sugary treat! For the ice cream lovers there is Nanaimo Bar ice cream at Tea on the Quay, where you can enjoy your frozen treat while looking out onto the gorgeous harbor, or for the ice cream sundae enthusiasts Jakeob’s on Fitzwilliam Street offers a Nanaimo bar themed sundae, while those who love ice cream sanwiches should head to Commercial Street to 2 Chefs Affair for a Nanaimo bar themed ice cream sandwich! Now, if you prefer your Nanaimo Bar in cake form head across the street from Jakeob’s to A Wee Cupcakery to try their adorable Nanaimo Bar cupcake, or truly indulge and try a few! Perhaps you are more of a cheesecake fan, then Minnoz on Bastion Street is just the ticket! For adults only, Modern Café has a grown up version of the Nanaimo Bar - their Nanaimo Bar Martini! Incorporating Vanilla Vodka, Creme de Cacao, Expresso & Coconut Syrup with Chocolate.  It's a decadent drink worth the indulgence! And for those who love the wacky and deep-fried nothing beats the deep dried Nanaimo Bar at Pirate Chips on Commercial Street! Dunked in cinnamon batter before hitting the deep fryer and then toped with ice cream and chocolate sauce, this version of a Nanaimo bar is the ultimate indulgence and worth all the calories! No matter if you like it in liquid form, cupcaked, frozen or fried no trip to Nanaimo is complete without the Nanaimo bar and with so many great options within walking distance the real challenge will be deciding which take on the Nanaimo bar to try first! [caption id="attachment_1217" align="aligncenter" width="639" caption="NanaimoBarTrail Map"]NanaimoBarTrail Map[/caption]