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I really love going for walks and hikes, so have been to many parks in and around Nanaimo. All of them are easily accessible by bus or even on foot. These are my three favorite parks.

Westwood Lake is a beautiful little lake located west of Nanaimo. Leaving from the Guesthouse bus #5 will take you directly to the start of the 6km trail around the lake. On your way you will see lots of beautiful flowers, squirrels, rabbits, deer and maybe even black bears. After your walk relax at the little beach or go for a swim in the crystal clear water of Westwood Lake.

Bowen Park is probably the best choice if you like to go for a walk in a park close to the city centre. Starting at the Guesthouse you can walk along the waterfront before you turn left at Maffeo Sutton Park. This trail will lead you to Bowen Park where you will feel like being in the middle of nature. I always loved walking along Millstone River tumbling and rushing through Bowen Park. You will have a good chance to see deer, rabbits and many different bird species. And – you shouldn’t miss Rhododendron Park, especially not in blossom, which is in May.

My most favorite park in Nanaimo is Pipers Lagoon Provincial Park. Leaving the Painted Turtle Guesthouse bus #2 will take you there. You can either just walk along the beach and go for a swim in the cold, but not too cold J water or you can explore the little peninsula with all the little coves/bays to which you can walk down from the trail. I loved going for a walk there and relaxing on the beach as it is such a lovely place.