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Just last week two guests came back to the guesthouse after a day trip to Victoria;  they were both really excited upon entering the lobby, so naturally my curiosity set in and I had to know what they had been up to. Their adventures in Victoria had ended with a great whale-watching trip where they saw 15+ whales! I always say if you want to see whales for free on the coast, just take a BC Ferry (for some reason I always get lucky and see whales when I am on the ferry), however for a relatively reasonable price, having the wonderful opportunity to see 15+ whales in their natural habitat is truly a West Coast whale watching experience that must be had! If you are looking for a day trip to Victoria from Nanaimo, whale watching is the thing to do. Here’s a list of companies that provides this experience: Spring Tide Charters (#1 recommended!), Sea King Adventures, Prince of Whales, Ocean Explorations.