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Lately I have noticed that when guests are first arriving to our front desk the very first comments they make are about our weather. It’s true June hasn’t been all that great weather wise, so I thought my next post should be about an adventure that I think you can do rain or shine. I mean honestly on the West Coast if you let a little rain get you down, you would never go outside. So here is an adventure that my roommate and I had on an overcast day in Nanaimo. One Saturday morning my roommate and I felt the need to explore and although it was an overcast day, we did not let that keep us inside. Off we went to Piper’s Lagoon Park (with a quick stop at Starbucks first), Piper’s is located on Lagoon Drive just off of Hammond Bay Road, in Nanaimo. This park is a large lagoon with a pebble beach at one end and a beach with rocks on a much larger scale at another. The park has a trail that at some points has you walking on a straight away right beside the ocean and at other points you find yourself half scaling rocks, or walking over a large knoll filled with Arbutus and Garry Oak trees. Piper’s is a great spot for adventure because you never know what you will find. Our adventures lead us to two kids building a fort in one of the trees with the driftwood they had found. It was nice to see kids playing outside, (even though the weather wasn’t great) instead of being inside in front of a T.V. We also saw a large bird’s nest with babies inside, we assumed they were baby hawks but since we are not bird experts, they could have been anything! My favourite part was being able to see Shack Island, which I had heard about before but never seen myself. Shack Island is a small strip of land right across from the lagoon where there are several ‘shacks’ located; apparently once upon a time they were used for fisherman to live in. Piper’s is a great place to be whether you are there to explore or tan and swim (weather permitting). So on a not so nice day, get outside, play and explore, you never know what you will find. I have included some pictures that we took that day. Enjoy! For more information on Piper’s click here.