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They call me Rumps :) … but my “real name” is Ann-Christin. rumpsI am 19 years old and from a little town called Werne in the northwest of Germany. I arrived in Nanaimo, BC at the beginning of March to work as an intern at the Painted Turtle Guesthouse – and I am so happy to be here! There is so much to see in this little Harbour City, the landscape is breathtaking and – most important – the people in the Guesthouse are unbelievably friendly! I am studying Aviation Management in Germany and came to Canada to improve my English and to learn the management processes in a Guesthouse…and where can I better get in contact with a diverse range of people than in a Guesthouse? In my free time, I love to go hiking and cycling or meet some friends for a coffee (check out “Mon Petit Choux” for the best coffee in Nanaimo!) By the way: the picture shows me on our Easter Potluck – a great (and delicious) PTG event!