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The Origin of our Name

We often get asked about the name ‘Painted Turtle Guesthouse.’  We originally considered a few other names including Harbour City Guesthouse and Barnacles Inn but after much deliberation we determined that neither of these names matched the accommodation style or hospitality we were expecting to offer our valued guests.

After hours of research and brainstorming, we discovered the ‘painted turtle’ (Chrysemys Pictas), who makes its home here in fresh-water lakes. If you are patient, you can see a real Painted Turtle in Buttertubs Marsh, right here in the city of Nanaimo.

Also, the ‘Painted’ Turtle Guesthouse is located in the ‘Arts District’ of Nanaimo; turtles live in water, and the Guesthouse is only 1 block to the ocean; turtles’ homes are their shells on their back, so like the Guesthouse there is always a home away from home; and, besides, who doesn’t love turtles?

And so our name was born! You can learn more about the painted turtle on our blog

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