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Ok, Nanaimo bar fans... I challenge you to put your cocktail taste buds to the test.  When you've had a chance to try one of these, please tell us your comments below... Challenger #1 - Corner Lounge at the Painted Turtle Guesthouse Feature: The Nanaimo Bar Shooter [Just a quick side note that you get to sample the shooter for FREE with another drink purchase if you are our guest and taking advantage of our Stay & Save program - click here full list of Stay & Save participants. ____________________________________________________________ Challenger #2 - Modern Cafe Feature: Nanaimo Bar Martini I've had one.  They are very yummy.  And, the Modern Cafe is straight across the street from the Painted Turtle Guesthouse & offers our guests fabulous service and 10% discount as part of the Stay & Save program. ____________________________________________________________ Challenger #3 -Grand Hotel Feature: Nanaimo Bar Cocktail (refer 3rd story in the video below) If you are staying at the Painted Turtle Guesthouse you'll need a car or bus transport to get there, but you can visit Pipers Lagoon Park & Neck Point Park on your way there.