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The beat, I heard it through the street. it echoed down the corridor, and in our front door. The music caught my ears, it made me want to cheer Its like the cow from Guelph, I had to see it for myself.

The beat, it started in my feet. It moved up my bones, with the vibrating tones. The smiles, went for miles. The cruisies were dancing reeeal groovy! This is my tribute to the amazing Parksville band Kumbana Marimba who was playing there spectacular beats at the Nanaimo downtown market. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2RMQ3wEcN4 News about markets! There is talk of Nanaimo building a year round indoor market for the local farmers. Its still just in the planning phase however this could be something Great for Nanaimo. Discussions took place during the showing of "Diversidad: the road to deconstruct dinner" about the need to support local farmers (and local businesses in general).  From this discussion we learnt that VIU is adopting the same model as UVIC and they will be receiving 50% of their food from local producers.  VIU is also in the process of building a green house and running it through a solar method of sorts. It is really wonderful to learn about these new things happening in the community, that will help support the locals of the area. Good Work! The streets were alive yesterday!! Events were happening all over the Downtown. Yesterday at the Guesthouse we used our meeting space at the Corner Lounge to host the Nanaimo Global Film Festival. We had a lot of great feed-back. It seems the film goers would prefer more downtown venues. So we can safely say it was a success! Films played:  The Economics of Happiness Diversidad - a road to deconstruct dinner The Pipdreams Project Rainforest: The limit of Splendor It was also British Columbia Rivers day on September 30! The celebration occurred in Bowen Park with live music and a salmon BBQ. Lear more about BC/National River day @ http://commons.bcit.ca/riversday/#about. Nanaimo Seafood Festival took place at Maffeo Sutton Park. Visitors of the special event get to taste delicious seafood tapas from some of Vancouver Islands best Restaurants. These we just a few of the exciting events happening in Nanaimo!!