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Midterm Report

Carolin Deregowski, 28.11.2012

Like every intern report, I am starting with the sentence: Time flies! I can hardly believe that my time here in Nanaimo is almost over. Looking back, I am really content with how everything went. The gradual introduction to our internship made for a smooth transition. At the beginning we got used to the new environment, by doing some housekeeping and meeting all the staff members. We received a very friendly welcome and they all cared about our welfare.

Work never gets boring because we always have projects to work on. We have been given the lead in researching activities for travelers to take part in. Given the nature of the guesthouse our experience has been enriched by meeting so many new people. I get along very well with all of the Turtle Team. Most of the people who work at the PTG are not only my co-workers but have also become my friends. In general I can say that my experiences with Canadians have been very positive; they are really helpful and very obliging.

Living together with Lennart works out well. We now have the same days off allowing us to tour around the island, which is great fun. There is so much to see! Some of my favorite Vancouver Island experiences were; the whale watching tour in Victoria, my days in Tofino where I took my first surf lesson, hiked the big tree trail and saw a bear in the wild and last but not least skiing at Mt Washington.

Finally two short sentences about Nanaimo, which became my home away from home. Some interesting characteristics of the town are all the boutiques, bars and restaurants in the downtown area and also the numerous parks. I am going to miss the beautiful walks along the waterfront.

What else will I take home from my time here?

Of course, my English has improved. I also become more independent! My new found independence and my desire to travel increased, so I decided to travel across Canada after my internship. At the very end I want to thank all the great people who made my time here unforgettable, I am going to miss you!

German Interns and our Host Bruce and Angie