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Very few places in Canada are as exquisite as Vancouver Island is, in April. For those of you travelling from the interior, you may have forgotten what color looks like… these photos were taken on March 23, 2013 just outside the guesthouse.

blooming flowers           leaves

Although the weather can change quickly, April brings relief from the fog and vitamin D to our eyeballs. The Nanaimo Harbour front starts to bustle and smiling faces make their debut out from under hoods and umbrella’s. Patios get shuffled around, allowing for the brave to sit and enjoy a relaxing beverage amongst the essence of spring. Sandals and spring frocks start to appear in boutique windows, enticing skin out from beneath the layers.  The cherry blossoms have started budding, soon the <3 of downtown will be dusted with pink! Although freak storms still blow in, just wait 15 minutes and the weather will deliver a new surprise!

If your looking for adventure, tis the season! Without the crowds of summer, guests can enjoy the most popular spots with less of a wait, which means more time for fun!

Wildplay is back up and running their Monkido aerial tree adventure- a perfect way to reconnect with nature, get active and experience life in the trees.

Visit www.harbourliving.ca for a full list of events, seminars and workshops. Including information on MOUNT WASHINTON- night skiing, Health workshops for humans and horses (separate events, lol), Wildlife festivals and social events.

The Grey Whale migration is taking place RIGHT NOW! After spending the winter in the Baja nursing their calf’s, the Grey Whales head north to feed off the coast of BC and Alaska. Roughly 20000 of these huge mammals make the voyage every year.

As the Herring start to spawn, the chance for whale sightings (Orcas and Grey’s) is impeccable. Wildlife in general is of abundance; birds of all kinds flock to the beach to scavenge the surf. Sea Lions & Seals surf the waves catching mouthfuls of fishy delight. Bears have woken from the winter slumber and Wolves are out in full force. Photo ops will be of abundance, but please take care, as these are hungry, wild animals.

The Pickles boats are running again! Bringing hikers and bikers to Newcastle Island for wonderful day trips and exploring opportunities. Learn the importance of this island to local First Nations and find out how that changed during the coal mining era.

Vancouver Island farmers markets are springing up in every town. Salt Spring Island kicked off the market season on March 30. This time of year the markets are exchanging seeds for your garden. If you’re in need of some new seeds visit our local markets. You are sure to find a piece of VanIsl to bring home with you.

April is the start to a busy TOUR season. This year we are offering tours direct from the guesthouse. What type of adventurer are you? We have tours to; the Pacific Rim, Carmanah Walbran provincial Park, Gabriola Island, Salt Spring Island, Denman/Hornby Islands, wine tours in Cowichan and the Saanich Peninsula, Horn Lake Caves and North Island waterfalls. We can also book scenic flights, kayak tours, bungy jumping, zip lining, whale watching and almost anything your heart desires. Please call us for more details 1-866-309-4432.

Escape into spring!
We look forward to hosting your stay!