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WildPlay at the Bungy Zone is Vancouver Island’s newest outdoor adventure destination –offering outdoor thrills to visitors of all ages and fitness levels. Onsite adventures include Bungy jumping, the King Swing and a brand new TreeGO park. Have you ever thought to yourself “I would really love to jump off a 150' high bridge head first?” If this sounds like you, look no further the Bungy Zone at WildPlay Element Park in Nanaimo will fulfill any adrenaline junkie’s needs. I have not yet had the opportunity to experience that myself however I have taken the less scary route and taken part in the WildPlay TreeGo Park. The TreeGo is a series of high ropes (ranging from 10 to 50 feet off the ground) that you navigate yourself through, with varying degrees of difficulty. I often found myself just laughing during the course because it is so much fun, especially when you are with a friend or friends. A lot of teasing goes on during this course! WildPlay has situated itself to cater to all groups, no matter which age or level of adrenaline you are looking for, everyone can find something they like at this Park. They also offer a really great pick up service, so give them a call book your activity and your free pick up! Click here for more information.