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Nanaimo Body Painting Championship

[caption id="attachment_1283" align="alignright" width="150" caption="VanIsle Body Painting Event 17 Sept"][/caption] Body Painting is an extraordinary art form!  And, whether you are a body painting model, body painter or a [caption id="attachment_1286" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Watch the art form in motion"]

Julia's two days off...

Hi. I am Julia from Germany, the current internee at the Painted Turtle Guesthouse.  I have been in Nanaimo for two months &  “I really love it!” I love the Island, I love the city,  all my fellow staff members and the sense that I am part of the Painted Turtle family. I am working Wednesday to Sunday and therefore my days off are usually Monday and Tuesday. As I have only three more weeks until I leave, I want to experience as much as possible on my days off.

Eating Local: It’s Just That Easy!

[caption id="attachment_1269" align="alignright" width="202" caption="U-pick farms are on Vancouver Island"][/caption] When people think of islands they generally think of isolated communities with limited provisions that can only be purchased for a princely sum. The cornucopia of culinary delights that can be found here on c

PTG Welcomes Teams for the 2011 Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival

July 8-10 2011 is the Dragon Boat Festival in Nanaimo, and the Painted Turtle Guesthouse is pleased to be hosting a few teams from out of town. The Painted Turtle Guesthouse is pleased to be hosting two teams for the 2011 Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival.  As of now, the guesthouse is alive with team chatter, camaraderie and dragon boaters talking strategy and preparing for the big races this weekend! We are proud to be hosting two teams - the Castaways (new to the guesthouse and the festival this year!) and Shibumi (here with us for their THIRD straight season) Dragon Boat Teams. It is a big event in Nanaimo, BC and teams come from all over the world to compete and of course, to celebrate the Spirit of Dragon Boat Racing on the most beautiful waterfront harbour of Maffeo Sutton Park. The Save On Foods Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival brings together and gives back to our diverse community through team building, charitable fund raising and a cross cultural experience that is fun for everyone. This is three days of passion, pleasure and pain that brings all of Nanaimo to the Centre of town to witness our cities finest compete against teams from all over North America.

'Best Street in Canada' street party!

[caption id="attachment_1228" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Best Street in Canada street party 2011"][/caption]


So you’ve come to Nanaimo and you’re determined to sample the dessert of the same name. Now, you may think Nanaimo bars are limited to a simple three layer dessert, made of a chocolatey coconut cookie base, custard centre and chocolate topping, but in Nanaimo you have numerous varieties to choose from, and all easily accessible by foot from the Painted Turtle Guesthouse!

Summer 2011 Sightseeing Recommendation #4 in Nanaimo – Kayak Over to Shack Island

If you are looking for a touch of the good old days while visiting Nanaimo, BC then consider a visit to the quaint Shack Island. Located in Piper Lagoon, this wonderful little island is a great kayaking destination and offers fabulous hiking opportunities. To get to Piper Lagoon, follow Hwy 19A north, heading up island. Turn right on Departure Bay Rd and then take another right on Hammond Bay Road. Turn onto Lagoon Drive and you will find a parking lot at the end of the road. Keep in mind that the gates close at 11pm. If it is low tide you can actually walk over to the island, but circling it by kayak is a much better way to see the island and its inhabitants. Since the park protects the island from the ocean you will find that the water is relatively calm and getting around is easy.

Not Just a Good Place.. A Great Place!

The Painted Turtle Guesthouse is on the BEST STREET IN CANADA, according to the Canadian Institute of Planners. Commercial Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada is the best street because it promotes social and economic activities, has a memorable & unique character, has design & architectural features that are visually interesting, has sustainable aspects, is accessible by different modes of transportation, and reflects local culture, history, and landscape. Come visit us to see what makes our street the BEST STREET IN CANADA!

Most Travellers to Nanaimo Prefer More Intimate Accommodations like the Painted Turtle Guesthouse

When you are visiting Nanaimo, you will not find a lack of fine accommodations - that is a simple fact. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, there is a wide assortment of places to stay including your standard chains of hotels and motels. However, for those of you looking for a special experience while staying in Nanaimo, consider the Painted Turtle Guesthouse. Located in central Nanaimo, this unique accommodation is within walking distance to the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, major hotels and a myriad of pubs and restaurants. The hostel-style rooms are clean and simplistic - no television or telephone to distract you from your sleep (although there are 2 computer kiosks with internet that you can purchase internet time for OR free wireless internet access in the building if you bring your own laptop). Guests share access to clean and well appointed private washrooms (one guest at a time with locking doors and well equipped with large shower, basin and toilet). There are 4 centrally located on each floor - and an excellent ratio since there are only 10 rooms per floor!